Coaching and Mindfulness for Kids

How I Work

How I Work

What do I do?

I help…

  • I help kids who struggle with ADHD manage their condition and symptoms so it becomes more of a strength and not a hinderance in their lives.
  • I help kids reach the top of their game by developing their mental skills.
  • I help kids who struggle to fit in, develop confidence and friendships that matter.
  • I help kids that are drifting through life find a direction and create something in life that they’re happy and excited about.
  • I help kids who are unusually shy develop confidence and social skills so that they can meet friends and walk around with their heads held high.
  • I help kids who are down on themselves learn how to pick themselves up again so that they can be confident and prepare to handle any challenges in life.
  • I help kids who are struggling with crippling test anxiety and exam stress – learn techniques and create a positive mindset to be able to perform confidently and release their full potential.
  • I help kids learn to navigate the social dynamics of friendships.
  • I help kids who have been bullied gain their inner confidence so that they can stand up to other people should they ever find themselves in that situation again.

How do I work……

I work with children from 7-18 years, on a one to one basis, as well as holding group workshops and facilitating sessions within school settings. (please contact me for details).

I see children either from my room in Woking, Surrey or I am happy to travel to you (travel costs will apply). I am also able to see your children within the school day, with prior agreement from their school.

I also offer support sessions for parents, giving them the tools to work with and support their children during this process.  These sessions are essential in helping to embed the work we’ve covered and enable parents to continue to help, support and work with their kids way after the sessions are completed.

Sessions can be tailored to specific difficulties (worries and anxiety/managing stress/dealing with difficult feelings/friendships or test anxiety as examples) or can be generic in terms of boosting their confidence and giving them critical life skills.

I like to have an initial conversation either over the phone or Skype to ascertain what would be the best fit regarding packages. The sessions can be weekly or spread over a couple of months depending on what the needs are.

I very much love my job and feel immensely privileged to have a career that not only I love, but that also gets me to work with inspiring children and see them reach their true potential.