Coaching and Mindfulness for Kids

Online Sessions

Online Sessions

Kids Mind Skills is currently offering online coaching for children and teens.

It’s normal for children and young people to feel worried or anxious at the moment. We’ve all experienced sudden changes in our lives and routines – and we’re living with lots of uncertainty about the coming weeks and months. For some young people, the coronavirus pandemic may also worsen or trigger anxieties they were already struggling with. They have had to adjust to not seeing their friends, managing home schooling and a wealth of emotions that may feel unfamiliar, confusing and scary at times.

Kids Mind Skills offers coaching and tools to help children explore how they’re feeling, understand how their minds work and learn ways to support themselves and manage their well-being in a positive way.

To find out more please Please feel free to share and together we can support our children get through this time with confidence, strength and resilience.

With many thanks 🙏