Coaching and Mindfulness for Kids

Terms and Privacy Policy

Terms and Privacy Policy

Legal Disclaimer

I base my coaching on my training across the disciplines of psychotherapy and coaching. These include an ICF accredited coaching training programme, a Foundation Course in Psychotherapy and Counselling at the Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling (BCPC) and an Introduction to Group Analysis.

I have a vast experience of working with children and have completed training in CBT for Child and Adolescent disorders.  I am currently completing a Diploma in Child Psychology and I am trained by Youth Mindfulness to deliver both their Youth Mindfulness for Kids programme and their SOMA programme aimed at teenagers and young adults.  I also have professional training from the British Mindfulness Institute in the Applied use of Mindfulness for 12-18 year olds and from “Connected Kids”.

I draw from my observations and insights as to which techniques and actions have created the most success. I am NOT a medical professional or licensed psychologist. For issues with medical or psychological gravitas, my input is to be considered just that: input. I am not liable for the actions, behaviours, mental or emotional states of my clients (even though I do care about clients and want the best for them, I prefer to refer clients to a qualified alternative professional who is more suited to their needs, should this be the case).

Every effort has been made to accurately represent the power of coaching and its potential. However, each individual’s success depends on his or her honesty, dedication, desire and motivation.I feel it is an incredible privilege to work with people in realising their dreams and shaping their lives and I take it very seriously and with great respect for each person’s story.

Coaching Etiquette

Coaching is by appointment only. Please arrive on time for your appointment.  Appointments cancelled within 24 hours will incur a full session’s charge.  If I have to cancel a session for any reason I will offer and alternative time and date.

Privacy & Confidentiality

It is important for the integrity and value of the coaching relationship that we are open and honest with each other. In this light what is discussed will remain confidential unless I am provided with information that may indicate a threat to your own life, or that of your child or someone. I reserve the right to report the information to your GP, emergency services, social services or the police. Before proceeding with this, I would inform you of my intentions.

Details about the person attending any coaching session (1:1 or group session) is kept confidential and not shared with anyone else.  Any data or personal details recorded and kept are solely for my professional use only.  They are to guide direction of sessions and to benefit the client.  This information will not be shared or made available to anyone else.  Any notes made are stored safely to enable myself to monitor the effectiveness and progress of individuals during their coaching journey.


Payment is by electronic bank transfer (unless we have an pre-agreed alternative arrangement).