Coaching and Mindfulness for Kids



Jenny helped both of my twin sons with various areas.  My sons are such different people and Jenny managed to pitch it perfectly for both of them.  They both always really look forward to their sessions.  She is very instinctive and gentle and using her techniques managed to get one of my sons over a massive fear he had of riding a bike.  Actually getting him to sit on the saddle was a huge victory and he now does it regularly.    Both of my boys came away from the classes with improved confidence and a great awareness of their emotions.  They also became really aware of other peoples emotions.  For 8 year old boys this is an amazing skill to have.  The skills they learn will stay with them forever.  As a parent its amazing to be able to support your child with someone like Jenny and at the same time learn more about parenting your child using her insightful feedback.

Mum of two boys, Guildford.

Literally overnight our ten year old son changed inconceivably. He went from being a happy and confident child into one that could no longer eat solid food for his fear of choking and dying and was experiencing the most horrendous panic attacks. The attacks were unbelievably frightening. We didn’t know what to do.
Luckily a friend of ours recommended Jenny. When I called her for the first time, I felt a weight lift from my shoulders as she listened to everything I had to say and was so calm and reassuring. Our boy had three sessions with Jenny all of which were invaluable. She understood every aspect of what he was going through and set out a plan of action to combat the anxiety – something my husband and I wouldn’t have the first clue about doing. Our boy’s anxiety was driven by an uncontrollable fear of change (we were making a fairly big move away from Surrey). Jenny reassured us that as he felt more settled in our new home and his new life that his behaviour would not continue and, of course, she was right.
Although he only had three sessions with her he still talks about Jenny and how much she helped him. We are eternally grateful to her. We wish her all the best for the future and cannot recommend her highly enough.
Jo Jennings
Jenny is an amazing support for students that are functioning at a high level of anxiety in school. Through her one to one sessions, she creates a safe space to address social and academic issues that arise. Her coaching helps students to see how they can approach these situations differently to create a positive outcome. I have seen students blossom with new-found confidence with her support.

SEN Teacher, Surrey.

I asked Jenny to help with my son because he was very down on himself and had lots of negative self talk going on. I found this hard to handle as a mother because it broke my heart to hear him like that. His sessions with Jenny soon became his favourite weekly activity and he was literally beaming after them. She listened to him and helped him develop some very crucial coping skills that he can use to turn his negative thoughts around. This was just one of the many life skills that she worked with him on but the one that I noticed the most. There was a noticeable difference in his confidence and general happiness and mood not just to us in his immediate family but his friends mothers commented to me that he was more chatty to them and seemed more confident and they did not all know he was having sessions with Jenny. I am so pleased that we had her help.

Mum, Surrey